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Discover eBike Motors from the best international manufacturers: Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha eBike motors and many others.

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eBike Motors FAQ

1. How does an eBike engine work?
The electric motor of an eBike is essential in order to be able to take advantage of the pedal assistance. The engine intervenes by assisting the muscular pedaling exerted by the cyclist. The assistance can be delivered in a way which is more or less natural depending on the type and quality of the engine. All "pedal-assisted" electric bicycles are characterized by the fact that the engine does not deliver power if the cyclist does not give at least a minimum movement to the pedals.

2. What engine do eBikes mount?
All eBikes are equipped with a DC powered brushless motor. Brushless motors are excellent for use on eBikes because they allow a high level of control in torque delivery based on the conditions of use.

3. What power should an eBike engine have?
eBike motors have power ranging from 180 W to 1000 W and above. Of course, performance varies according to the type of eBike [link to eBike category EN] and the strength of the cyclist.

4. How long does an eBike engine last?
The duration of the thrust that an eBike motor can provide depends on the battery life [link to Battery-Page EN]. If well maintained, the life cycle of an eBike motor can be 7-10 years and more.