How does it work

EurekaBike is the search engine for bicycles

EurekaBike is the most advanced search engine for bicycles and information regarding the world of cycling. An online tool designed by industry experts in order to make all the information you are looking for available in the simplest and most intuitive way possible.

The information you'll find on the EurekaBike site is divided into various types: Categories, Ads, Listings, Vendors, Brands, Blogs.

The EurekaBike site is not an e-commerce. Therefore, we do not sell directly either products or services. However, we put at your disposal all the information you need to quickly find what you are looking for and buy it safely directly from the Vendors selected by us.

Difference between price lists and offers

As for the products, on EurekaBike you will find two types of pages:

Searching for a bicycle

There are several reasons why you may need to look for a bicycle: pure curiosity, purchase intentions, preliminary information, information for a friend, comparison, ...

On EurekaBike there are many ways to quickly find all the information about the bike you are looking for. In fact, you can find bicycles:

In the various pages you'll find different search filters designed specifically to make your life easy in finding the information you are looking for.

You can filter bicycles, for example, by: brand, model, mounting, suspension travel, brand of the electric motor, battery capacity, ... and of course by price, wheels size, availability, ...

You can also combine these filters at your discretion, to obtain more and more refined results that meet your needs. Have fun looking for the most diverse information and curiosities about bicycles: EurekaBike is here also for this.

Search for a store

On EurekaBike you can search not only for products, but also for Vendors. We have implemented a specific search function that allows you to find bicycle shops near you, filtering them first of all by geolocation and radius with respect to a selected location, but also by brands dealt, services and bicycles for sale (brand, model, category, ...).

Contact Sellers as an informed customer

EurekaBike is made specifically to help you find information relevant to you and to facilitate and make more efficient the meeting between supply and demand in the cycling sector. Time is one of the most important resources for everybody, and it is valuable for both customers and retailers.

EurekaBike helps bike enthusiasts to quickly find relevant information about bicycles and, at the same time, the Vendors to be found by customers who already have clear ideas about what they are looking for.

What we hope for in EurekaBike is to have many people who take advantage of the information we provide for free and who get in contact with Vendors to finalize their purchase in a shorter time, for the greater satisfaction of both parties. Please, contact the Vendor after having checked deeply for the information provided by the platform, so that you will make the most of the advantages that EurekaBike offers.

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