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Who is this for?


Bicycle Shops

  1. Do your customers know that your shop offers many services in addition to selling products? Let them know about this. Make yourself found by new customers thanks to services that differentiate your business.
  2. How many bicycles and spare parts (new or used) are stuck in your warehouse? Do you want to sell bicycles from your rental once the season is over? Showcase your products to thousands of qualified potential customers!
  3. Do you use other marketplaces, but you get many phone calls with general inquiries that do not convert into sales? With EurekaBike all the product details are clear and well-shown online. Less time losses for you


Bike Professionals

  1. Are you a bike guide and you want a place where to be always visible and where to showcase your offer in a tidy and clear way? Publish your offers in minutes
  2. Are you a trainer and you want to make known to all cyclists that you have specific programs for bike riders? Make yourself visible to lots of cyclists that are searching right now and right for you
  3. Are you a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, or a mechanic? Are you a paint job or frame and forks repair expert? No matter the services you are offering, you can quickly gain visibility on the target you are interested in thanks to EurekaBike


Business or non-profit organization in the cycling industry

  1. You are a race organizer or an aggregator? Let's get in touch to give you a further channel where to promote your activity!
  2. Are you a sports association or a team willing to give visibility to meetings and events? Make yourself visible online and empower your brand identity thanks to your dedicated page on EurekaBike.
  3. Are you a gym or a sports medical center in search of greater visibility for your special services to cyclists? Just subscribe and publish your offers in a few clicks.



Why should I subscribe to EurekaBike?


First of all, EurekaBike is a free service that offers your bike business qualified online visibility through a platform that has been built specifically to enhance the quality of products and services related to the bicycle industry.

The subscription requires minutes and gives you immediate access to your dedicated business page and the presence on our map and search engine where people can search your business by geolocation. This way, your business will be visible mostly to new potential customers that - before - knew you little or at all.

Once you have this (for free), you'll be able to choose if to use our marketplace service. Starting from standard marketplace concepts we brought a revolution into this kind of service dedicated to bicycle products. We are, in fact, highly specialized in giving a prime service tailored to the very needs of bike business owners. Sales, renting, racing teams, bike-fitting, classes, ... at EurekaBike we created specific product layouts in order to highlight the crucial aspects of every kind of product or service.

Moreover, we provide you with an innovative product-upload system, which has been studied in the very detail to be highly optimized in terms of timing and to give your shop and your brand top-quality visibility, combined with a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy very much optimized on the bicycle keywords.

How do we do this? That is easy to say. We build a proprietary last-generation and always-updated web platform based on a modern and mobile-responsive layout. We engineered an informatic backend system that is capable to collect, organize and normalize millions of data of bicycle and bicycle product listings from official catalogs, in combination with the work of highly skilled professional data entry resources.

These data are normalized thanks to proprietary software which comes from 15+ years of expertise in the online field and from a lifelong passion for bicycles. Thanks to all of this EurekaBike gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Bring new aware customers to the door of your physical shop or to your online shop
  2. Sell both mainstream products and also products that you would never think someone could be interested in
  3. Contribute to the growth of your brand (shop, professional, team, ...)
  4. Enhance the rating of your website thanks to qualified and relevant links


All of this without paying any fees on sales. Customers are and will remain yours since EurekaBike gets out of the scene as soon as your customer has come in touch with you and he is interested to purchase from you.


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