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This category includes city bicycles, for men and women, for comfortable and purely urban use, or just for strolling.
Two sub-categories can be distinguished: properly so-called city- bikes and commuting bicycles.


They are classic bicycles for both men and women, suitable for many uses: for going to work in an ecological way, riding short routes, or cycling just to do some exercise perhaps in the company of friends and family.
City bikes or urban bicycles are solid, good-looking, usually equipped with lights, a bell and luggage racks. Furthermore, the riding position is very comfortable, with the torso in an up position or only slightly inclined forward.

Commuting bicycles

Bicycles that are suitable for the use of city bikes and allow slightly longer routes. They have frames deriving from MTBs or from Dutch bicycles, in order to pedal easily for short and medium distances. Therefore, they are suitable for those who frequently use the bike as a means of mobility to go to work, school, university.

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