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Road racing bikes are designed specifically for use on paved roads and they are characterized mainly by low weight, maximum riding smoothness and refined aerodynamics. Thanks to these characteristics, road bicycles allow you to reach and maintain high speeds. A road racing bike is very specialized and is characterized by very hard gear ratios, which allow the achievement of high speeds. To be fully exploited, these ratios require good basic training, which is why racing bikes are mainly used by agonists and are not suitable for daily use in the city. This is also because their comfort is very low, given the stiffness of the carbon or aluminum frame which, for road bikes, are now the most used materials.
The riding position is aerodynamic, therefore with the head down, and any superfluous element is removed.

Characteristics of the road bikes

There are two macro categories of road bicycles: the so-called Road Race bikes and the Road Tourism bikes. The former enbody the characteristics of stiffness and driving efficiency, aiming to absolute performance without compromise. The Road Tourism bikes, on the other hand, have mitigated characteristics, such as slightly less rigid frames and wheelsets, slightly more comfortable geometries, lighter gear ratios and they are suitable for those who want to enjoy a sporty and smooth ride, even in the absence of a physical condition of a competitive athlete.

Other types of road bike 

Other bicycles types are usually considered within the road bikes category, even if they are not strictly road bikes, but because they that derived directly from road bikes. These sub-categories of road bikes are Gravel, Cyclocross, Triathlon (also known as Time Trial (TT) or Chrono bikes) and, finally, Track bikes.

Gravel bikes are designed for long trips on mixed terrain and are similar to road bikes, but they feature more comfortable geometries, waisted handlebars and gear ratios similar to mountain bikes, to facilitate the rider on climbs with heavy luggage. Similar to these are the Cyclocross bicycles which are instead for almost exclusively competitive use, light and reactive and are used for racing in winter in races that take place in grassy fields or on sandy and muddy terrain. Triathlon bikes are practically equal to time trial bikes, they are designed for use on flat roads, usually in "no draft" mode and are therefore optimized at the highest levels from an aerodynamic point of view. Track bicycles, on the other hand, are a very niche category that provides a very hard single speed ratio, the absence of brakes and an extremely lowered head position because they are used exclusively on the track for sprint races.

Aiming to good synthesis and user experience, at Eureka we have decided to group all these bikes derived from road racing ones into just three categories: Gravel & CyclocrossTriathlon & TT, and Track.

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