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About us

EurekaBike: "I have found the bike!"

Eureka is an exclamation that expresses joy at having found a solution to a difficult problem. And this is the goal of EurekaBike: to make you exclaim with satisfaction: "I have found the bike!"

EurekaBike is a platform designed to provide an easy and intuitive search tool for everyone who is looking for information about the world of cycling. A site where you can find controlled data - and therefore valuable - and information in a few clicks. Find out how it works.

The bicycle market has become more and more complex in the last few years

The bicycle market features such a huge offer that customers always need the assistance of a bicycle shop expert to picture a valuable idea about the best fitting bicycle for their specific demands. After that another issue arises: matching the ideal choice with the actual availability of products, which is not at all something that can be given for granted.

This is the reason why, in recent years, the gap between supply and demand has grown steadily, often creating frustration and time losses for bicycle enthusiasts in search of their perfect ride. 

Bridging the gap between customers and shops

We help to match the demand for high quality bicycles with the offer from the best bicycle shops. EurekaBike is a virtual showroom where you will find:

  • bike listings with pictures and detailed tech specs;
  • bike ads (new and used);
  • brands' pages with a brief history, dealers locator and catalogs divided into categories;
  • vendors' pages with offers and contact information.

No matter if you are an expert or not, on EurekaBike you can easily search and find whatever bicycle information, such as: thousands of bike price lists neatly categorized and filterable according to parameters, advertising for bicycles that are actually in stock in the best shops, local bicycle shops by brand and by services they offer, and much other useful information...

A technology-based marketplace

EurekaBike's marketplace is just the tip of the iceberg, though. The whole website is based on a strong underlying technology that leverages a proprietary method for collecting and organizing bicycle data.

Thanks to this we can provide bike shops with unique tools that let a vendor load a product onto the system in literally seconds, with a full set of information that would require hours to be collected and organized manually per every bike. 

Our technology also allows us to offer to our users' data with a +99% accuracy and reliability because this data comes from the manufacturer's official datasets and they are processed and integrated with several checks on our side.  

Our Vision

At EurekaBike we strive to facilitate personal relationships between bicycle enthusiasts and bicycle vendors.

We are deeply convinced of the importance of physical stores

We powerfully leverage the online visibility with the aim of conveying oriented customers towards the shops that most effectively meet their specific demands.

Going to a bike shop and speaking with a passionate shopkeeper is an added value when it comes to choosing the best bike for you: EurekaBike helps you to live this experience at the peak of efficiency in terms of time-savings.

So... you will have just more time to ride!


EurekaBike: born from a lifelong passion for bicycles

The Founder Jacopo Vigna used to collect bike catalogs since he was a little kid, spending hours on pictures and tech specs, since the roaring '90s, following the dream to own, one day, one of those stunning rides. Time passes and Jacopo sticks to his passion for two wheels vehicles studying Mechanical Engineering. In the first few years after graduation he works as a data engineer and track engineer in the World SBK and World MX Championships with Ducati and Aprilia. Later he discovers an entrepreneurial vocation and he founds his first startup addressing the biketrials niche market with own designed racing components sold online. The Company pivots towards a more traditional e-commerce business and becomes a well know generalistic bicycle e-commerce in Italy. After it being sold to new stakeholders, Jacopo works as a technical and business development consultant in the fields of ski, tennis and - obviously - bicycles.

Based on all these different experiences, it was for Jacopo just a matter of connecting the dots before landing to the EurekaBike vision.