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In 1958, engineer and skier Ed Scott from Sun Valley, Idaho, invented a ski pole made of aluminum, which compared favorably with those made of bamboo or steel. On the basis of this success, the company started to produce many kinds of sports goods.

In 1970, Scott sold their first protection goggles for motocross riders; further motocross wear followed. Scott expanded to Europe in 1978, settling their headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland and in 1989, Scott introduced one of the most significant innovations in the history of cycling to mass market – the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar.

The handlebar was strategically utilized by American Greg LeMond in his 1989 Tour de France win, when he beat Frenchman Laurent Fignon by nearly a minute in the 24.5 km final time trial. 

For more than sixty years the Swiss sporting goods company with US american roots takes no shortcuts when it comes to innovation, technology and design of their products.

It is about the passion to do things the right way, for the right reasons. Say what you say, do what you do, ride where you ride because you love it.



Scott mountain bikes are your ticket to off-road bliss. Racing, climbing, descending and everything in-between. Whether mountain bike, cross country, trail, enduro or downhill: These rigs are ready for anything the mountain can serve up.

The Genius has been a longstanding staple in this range and has evolved over the years in order to be able to tame anything that comes its way.

The bikes out of Scott's road line feature featherweight climbers, lightning fast aerodynamic machines and comfort focused kilometer-seeking rides. Wherever your road leads you: Among Foil, Addict, Speedster & Co. you will find the bike that matches your goals.

The high-end road products are designed for passionate road-cyclists – every curve, form and seam has been thoughtfully developed to help you want to push your limits and to still enjoy every hour spent on the bike.



Innovation – technology – design is the essence behind all Scott products, for those with the energy to achieve their fullest potentials.

Since 1958, Scott provides athletes with innovative gear, inspiring them to push themselves to their limits. From the lightest trail bike to versatile cyclocross bikes, aerodynamic road bikes or specifically designed E-bikes. 

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