EurekaBike is a unique website aiming to revolutionize the cycling industry with a unique platform that offers a consumer-focused marketplace. We provide a wide array of bicycles, components, accessories, and apparel, making it easy to search, compare, and purchase the best cycling products. Our platform is designed to ensure a seamless shopping experience for cycling enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

Su EurekaBike puoi utilizzare filtri avanzati per cercare prodotti in base a tipo, marca, prezzo e altre specifiche tecniche. I filtri lavorano direttamente sul nostro database proprietario e altamente strutturato, per fornirti risultati di ricerca che sono i migliori possibili. In molti casi, i dati che trovi su EurekaBike sono di qualità migliore rispetto ai dati che trovi sui siti dei produttori, in quanto le nostre procedure di data entry prevedono meticolosi controlli manuali ed una normalizzazione dei dati, che ci porta spesso a correggere le inaccuratezze presenti nelle fonti dati ufficiali.

Searching on EurekaBike, you will find an unparalleled selection of cycling products both for sale and for consulting price lists/catalogs with official manufacturers' data. Thanks to our database, which includes bicycles, components, accessories, apparel, and services dedicated exclusively to cycling, we are the only site in the world that uniquely connects a single official manufacturer's price list with multiple sales listings from shops and private sellers for that specific product or service. In addition to a proprietary database that is constantly updated and maintained, EurekaBike guarantees accurate and up-to-date product data, also thanks to the synergy with our B2B services (SaaS PIM/DAM EurekaBike Eidos) that allow brands to upload and keep their product data updated. On EurekaBike, you also enjoy an optimized user experience thanks to an intuitive interface and the possibility to send requests for specific products with just a few clicks directly to sellers who might have them available, even if they have not posted specific sales listings. This service is called: "Notify me for this product."

No, EurekaBike is a marketplace that exclusively offers visibility to sellers, acting as a meeting point between sellers and buyers passionate about the cycling world. We do not directly manage payment or shipping services. Our platform facilitates discovery and connection between parties, but all transactions, including payments and shipping arrangements, are managed directly between the seller and buyer. EurekaBike recommends using secure payment methods and clearly and safely agreeing on shipping arrangements, but is not directly involved in these operations. Sellers on EurekaBike, both merchants and private individuals, are carefully selected to ensure maximum seriousness (private individuals) and professionalism (merchants). However, EurekaBike does not have direct control over transactions and therefore cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise between seller and buyer. EurekaBike's customer support is always available for any questions or doubts about the products for sale or the sellers, with whom we are in direct contact. Do not hesitate to contact us by writing to info@eurekabike.com.

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