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Cargo bikes are strong bikes built to transport heavy loads and often two or more people. The bikes usually come in different sizes and shapes, may have two or three wheels, and generally have more extended wheelbase than the average bicycle, with room for hauling load either in the front or back.

Popular with families, cargo bikes are used to haul kids (along with other luggage) to school, parks, and around the neighborhood; they’re multi-purpose because you can carry a smaller child and an older one at the same time.

Cargo bikes integrate all the fun and health benefits of cycling with the functional uses of a minivan. They come in both electric or pedal-assisted variety as well as manually peddled versions.  

Are you looking for a one-stop way to move groceries, run errands/chores, convey kids to school, or even take your skateboard to the beach? Then the cargo bike is the perfect bike for you.


Cargo bikes are a common means of transportation in Europe and are quickly gaining traction as road & city bikes in the U.S. This multipurpose bike comes in different types of designs namely:

 1. Long-tail bikes: These let you carry children and other cargo on an extended rear rack that sits over the back wheel. They’re popular with families who have more than one child.

 2. Mid-tail bikes: They are more compact than long-tails. They may not be able to carry more than one child but offer easier maneuverability.

 3. Front-loading cargo bikes: This type of cargo bike allows the cyclist to carry the load in a box or container that rests deep in the space between the handlebars and the front wheel. They are popular with most families because they can carry kids and pets in the front where they can be easily watched.

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