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Spin bikes, imported to Europe from the USA in 1995, is the evolution of the classic exercise bike (cyclette), that is, an aerobic activity that takes place on hi-tech stationary bikes. Prerogative of gyms in the early years, spinning then spread as an excellent training and exercise tool affordable in everyone's homes.

Technical characteristics of the spin bike

The evolution in technology has allowed us to reach a very high level of sophistication: today spinning is carried out on vehicles that fully simulate the reality of road pedaling. The spin bike is pretty big, the frame is very solid, the saddle and the handlebar are adjustable both in height and in extension and the digital options give an infinite combination of workouts showed on functional and attractive displays.
We must remember the fundamental difference with the exercise bike: the latter is lighter and smaller, with a flywheel weighing between 4 and 12 kg and the position in the saddle is relaxed and practically with the torso erect.
The stationary or spin bike is longer and more robust, the flywheel is between 10 and 25 kg, the position is decidedly sportier. As you can easily guess, the exercise bike is suitable for those who lead a very sedentary life or elderly people who use a very light pedaling and for a short time, while spinning is a real alternative (or supplement) to sports cycling, and is appropriate for those who use pedaling as an intense form of exercise and training.
You can configure long pedaling tours with climbs and plains, adjust speed and ratios, always assisted by the digital screen.

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