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In this category the crazy bicycles, unique and creative bikes that do not fall into any specific category and are suitable for all ages, from children to adults, for happy rides.

You will find the strangest and most bizarre bicycles that are produced internationally: two and three-wheeled vehicles, from shapes ranging from a historical and vintage appeal, to a motorcycle inspiration, to futuristic frames up to strange bikes for pure fun, with pedals in an unthinkable position or even with manual movement.

There are manufacturers like Gramegna, which offer very refined bikes designed on the basis of the motorcycles of the pioneers: large white tires, leather saddle, curved chrome handlebar and even the tank in the center of the frame. There are tricycles and quadricycles, bikes in a lying or supine position. There are bicycles of English and American production inspired by chopper or dragster motorcycles. These vehicles are characterized by a long banana saddle with sissy bar at rear or in a very low position seat, a high and sloping handlebar, thin and large wheel at the front and small and wide at the rear.

Buy a crazy bike online

On Eurekabike you will see dozens of funny and bizarre, strange and creative bikes: prices comparisons, technical characteristics in detailed data sheets, news on the manufacturers. Our site offers exclusive and difficult to find crazy bikes: choose the one you prefer for yourself or your children and you can contact the seller on the site and opt for home delivery from all over the world or collection, if available, at a local dealer.

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