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Since 2005, Johnny Loco has been the sole lifestyle brand that designs, manufactures, and sells cargo or haulage bicycles, glasses, watches, and matching accessories around the globe.


Although a Dutch branded bike, Johnny Loco‘s broad handlebars, wide tires, and saddle convey an American impression and appearance. Coupled with a smooth glossy design, the frame is wrapped up in their trademark graphite black, while the grips and saddle are a differing brown. Johnny Loco bikes come factory fitted with puncture protection tires as a guarantee against rough or trash-ridden streets.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Johnny Loco designs and develops its own distinct and opulent products. Renowned for its exquisite range of bicycles, the 'bakfiets', as well as its luxury glasses and watches.

Johnny Loco's products are uniquely designed to be particularly rigged and timeless, telling an inspiring story.


Originating from their Headquarters in the Netherlands the products find their way around the world. Their products entice you to relish the adventure of everyday life, to live free, courageously, and relaxed.

Words and phrases like respect for personal choices, integrity, and quality, in-house design, and freedom are everyday nuances at the brand.

No wonder the clarion call to "Choose your moment, smile, relax, reflect, but above all...enjoy, now!”


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