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Haibike Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Haibike Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
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Haibike Facts

Haibike was founded in 1995 in Schweinfurt, Germany. In the beginning the sporty bikes was sold under the name of their parent brand: Winora, but soon became Haibike.

For the next 15 years, Haibike developed new models, improving both visually and technically. Haibike became a leading, multi platform brand. With bike ranges from beginners bicycles to professional, high-end competition models. 

Haibike's selection of mountain bikes and racing bikes are built with a high degree of customisation. The brand has duly earned an increasingly popular name in the sports world, not just because of their unique products, like the Sleek, Greed or Heet with their myriad of test wins and awards, but also by increasingly stronger marketing, sponsorship and other activities.

Since 2011, the brand has taken to the stage as one of the leading bicycles in the world. Its development is under the care of new, international ProTeam and Olympic champion and double gold champion Sabine Spitz. No matter where you ride: on or off road, Haibike electric bikes are some of the top high-end performance eBikes money can buy.

The German based company, makes use of top quality components from the likes of Shimano, Rockshox and Schwalbe alongside the best Yamaha and Bosch crank drive motors and batteries. The Haibike electric bike range can be broken down into the Haibike sDuro and Haibike xDuro ranges.

The Haibike sDuro is for the Yamaha powered eBikes, the Haibike xDuro represents the Bosch side. Popular model categories include: All Mountain, Trial, Trekking, and Enduro Bikes. Although the brand is noted for its name in the eMTB market, they have also started to make urban bikes of a similar standard such as the Haibike Urban.


Biking is all about free spirit, courage, passion, and the joy of discovery. The brand wants to inspire people to explore and expand their boundaries, uphill and downhill.

Regardless of your skill level or riding style we have a bike that is perfect for you. Designed & Engineered In Germany -Since 1995, the brand has been passionately promoting bikes in Germany.

Drawing upon almost 100 years of experience from their parent company Winora Group. They are opportune to be able to combine a meaningful enterprise with the dyamics and courage of a start-up.

ePERFORMANCE - With the inception of the Haibike XDURO FS in 2010, the brand opened the doors to a whole new bike sport: ePerformance. This signified the beginning of the Haibike success story and started the eMTB boom. They were the first, and for a long time the only ones, to believe in the potential of sporty eBikes, and they still do today.

ePerformance combines physical performance with electric support. Ride an ePerformance bike and you will feel the power, balance, and freedom their high-end power assisted bicycles provide. Man and machine blend to form a natural and healthy balance.

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