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Mountain bike trial or trial by bicycle is strictly derived from the equivalent motorbike specialty. The invention of the first trial bicycle, in a land that has a long tradition of motorcycle trial champions, is due to the Catalan Pere Pi, motorcyclist, cross rider and developer of Montesa. Today the bike trial is a niche specialty, which has a small number of enthusiasts especially in Europe, where races and rallies are organized.

Specialty of bike trial

The discipline of trial consists in overcoming obstacles, natural or artificial, without putting the foot on the ground, which costs penalties. The races are developed on a number of short limited areas to cover and take place in natural (woods, meadows, rocks), urban or indoor scenarios, just like the motorcycle trial.

Features of mountain bike trial

For these specific characteristics, trial bikes are extremely peculiar: the thing that makes them immediately recognizable is the absence of the seat! ... It is simply not necessary because the trialist use to ride standing on the pedals. They have a very rigid frame usually monocoque in metal, aluminum, titanium or carbon; a single pinion with very short ratio; small pedals in order to avoid getting in the way of jumps or scraping against roughness; 19 "or 20" wheels but there are models with larger diameters; handlebar with slightly curved upwards knobbles. No frills at all, only what is strictly necessary to carry out evolutions and tricks in balance and in extreme balance. Every small movement of the body, hands and feet must be immediately transmitted to the frame and wheels.

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