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Enduro MTBs are specialistic and high-performance tech bikes. They are the ideal compromise between cross-country downhill and uphill: robust and full suspended bikes suitable for even hard downhill sections but light enough for the uphill part. This is why the agonist will love them, but also the amateur mountain-biker not competing will find satisfaction. In short, a versatile but sophisticated vehicle.

Characteristics of the enduro

They are bikes with very pushed frames, mono or full suspension, with travel up to 160-180 mm, 26 ", 27" 5 or 29" wheels with a generous section, transmission with often a single chainring and 11 or 12 rear sprockets. They also have a series of adjustments that can satisfy the most demanding biker to travel any trail with excellent performance.

Enduro bike catalogs and online purchase

EurekaBike! On our site you will find an enviable series of MTB Enduro catalogs, adverts, price lists and offers. There are the best manufacturer just a click away (Canyon, Scott, Specialized, Trek, Santa Cruz, Niner and many others), but also emerging new brands.

EurekaBike is able to provide the updated world panorama of MTB Enduro bikes covering all manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. In this way you can choose your favorite vehicle, possibly saving money and pick it up at the store or by requesting home delivery.

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