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The eMTBs, mountain bikes with assisted pedaling, are bikes with battery and electronic control unit that regulates the effort on the pedals. This type of bicycle is having an enormous diffusion, thanks to technological advances that have made it possible to optimize the electronic system support, the life of the battery (usually lithium) and, in general, all the components of the bicycle.

Why buy an eMTB

The success is due to the open range of possibilities of these vehicles: the electric assistance gives the opportunity to carry out very hard climbs and bumpy routes that otherwise would not be overcome, none the less with some physical effort. You can therefore tackle wonderful routes, reach beautiful peaks and mountain places that otherwise represent an utopia with traditional MTBs.
Secondly, the eMTB allows you to make up for or equalize the condition and physical shape of other bikers: this makes it possible to take on even hard routes with people of different physical performance and / or age.
Finally, eMTB competitions are widely established , where the competitive biker has found a new dimension.

Types of eMTB

The MTBs with pedal assistance cover different types of the category, reflecting the traditional models: there are bikes with Cross-Country and All-Mountain settings, up to sophisticated Enduro top of the range.
The latter, also used in competitions, are full suspended with long excursions, have carbon frames and handlebars, single chainring and 12 sprocket set and an infinite number of variable settings. They also have standard electronic displays inserted in the frame that provide very useful information about the battery charge and the assistance mode (more or less deployed) together with classic navigator information such as speed, altitude, vertical drop.

Buy an eMTB online

On EurekBike you will find hundreds of eMTB offers from the best manufacturers (Scott, Specialized, Cannondale, Santa Cruz, BMC) and many other brands. Eureka! The complete bike marketplace of authorized dealers and manufacturers where you will find thousands of detailed technical data sheets. Find online your favourite eMTB and collect by the retailer, immediately available, or purchase the eMTB on the website of our affilated retailer and request the home delivery (safe shipments all over the world).

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