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Downhill (DH) is certainly the most fun, adrenaline-pumping and extreme off-road discipline and for these reasons DH bikes are super specialized. Downhill competitions have evolved enormously in the last thirty years, since the first UCI world championship was organized in Durango (USA) in 1990 and the first European race in Italy, at Il Ciocco (LU) the following year. Throughout this time, the technology of the bikes have developed to reach exceptional levels of strength and performance to best deal with jumps, banked or flat corners, speeds that can exceed 100 km / h and with any surface conditions. Furthermore, on the routes there are often stones and roots that make the descent more technical and challenging for the vehicle and for the biker.

The characteristics of downhill bikes

Downhill bikes are designed for the extreme use of the agonist or for the expert rider who wants to tackle difficult and fast descents at maximum efficiency: someone considers them the Formula 1 of MTB and certainly have more than one point in common with off-road motorcycles, therefore don't be surprised with their prices that are in line with the high technology. The basic elements of such bikes are frame, suspension / shock absorbers, brakes and tires. The frames are extremely compact and solid, with variable geometries and many settings. The wheelbase is slightly longer than the other disciplines, the saddle is in a more central position and the total weight is at least 15 kg. The suspensions play a fundamental role: obviously full suspension, with the front suspension that reaches up to 240 mm of travel and the central shock absorber from 140 to 200mm, always of adjustable extension and hardness. The brakes are hydraulic disc and require commands of great sensitivity and power (the downhiller brakes with just one finger). Finally, the wheels, normally 27 "5 or 29" and obviously knobbly tires of 2.5 size. On race courses (from 2 to 5 km) you rarely pedal, but when you do it to relaunch, it must be done at maximum performance: therefore the transmission has fewer gears than the other MTB categories, usually 7 sprockets and single chainring at front.

Online purchase of downhill bikes

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