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The trekking bicycle, also known as touring bicycle, is a perfect type of bicycle for those who love to travel and ride for leisure. Whether in the mountains, in the countryside or in the city it makes no difference, trekking bikes are perfect for most terrains. Reliability and sturdiness are the key features of a trekking bike. Being designed for excursions or even long journeys, these bikes must ensure the greatest possible comfort. There are three types of trekking bikes:

  • Touring Bike
  • Fitness Bike
  • Travel Bike

Characteristics of the touring bikes

Touring bikes are suitable for any type of terrain in the all-road version, while they are more specific for paved roads in the road touring version. The all-road trekking bike usually has a suspension fork and derives its technical characteristics from the world of mountain biking: it is characterized by comfort, strength and flexibility of use. The set-up of the bike guarantees a comfortable riding position, thanks to the handlebars and wide wheels capable of better absorbing vibrations and bumps while ensuring stability and greater control of the vehicle. The geometry of the bike ensures an upright posture or, in any case, a slightly forward inclined one.
The frame is usually made of aluminum or steel. Not having this type of bike aim for competition, these materials guarantee the perfect combination of resistance, durability and economy sought by bike touring enthusiasts and by all those who use the bike to move on the weekend or for small trips.
To be able to face many hours in the saddle, the trekking bike must have a wide range of gears suitable to face all types of conditions, whether it is a steep climb or a long flat route in conditions of strong head wind. To ensure this amplitude of gear range, these bikes usually use multiple front cranksets and a rear sprocket set capable of generating a large number of gears. The braking system can include classic cantilever and v-brake brakes up to modern hydraulic disc brakes, which ensure excellent braking even in the event of rain or vehicle loaded with heavy luggage. These bikes are mostly equipped with 26 "", 27.5"" or 28 ""wheels, with a wide tire and a rim with 32-36 spokes depending on the model and needs.

Characteristics of the fitness bikes

The so-called Fitness bikes are designed to work best on regular roads and have technical characteristics that make them a happy medium between a racing bike and a mountain bike. While touring bikes take their characteristics from the world of mountain bikes, road bikes use a set-up and features typical of racing bikes, but with a higher riding position, more comfortable wheels and tires and a range of gears suitable for everyone. From their road bike origins, however, comes the attention for their lightness and aerodynamics.
The frame is made in most cases of aluminum. Carbon fiber is rarely used and only in very high-end models. Given the need for aerodynamics and lightness, the geometry of the bike imposes an inclined posture, with the torso carried forward, although not in an exasperated way.
Road trekking bikes usually use 28 ”wheels, with a narrow tire and a rim with 30-32 spokes. The wheel is thus lighter than touring models, even if this results in greater structural rigidity and less shock absorption.
Thanks to longer ratios than the touring bike (but shorter than a racing bike), the fitness bike guarantees the achievement of greater speed. Compared to racing bikes that use a single crankset, this models most often come with a double or triple crankset. The braking system is composed in most cases of cantilever brakes, which guarantee lightness, simplicity and adequate performance.
Fintess bikes are therefore a good compromise for mixed use in the city and countryside, for sports use and for trips and small travels.

Characteristics of the travel bikes

An additional category that at Eureka we wanted to add to the classic trekking bikes is that of travel bikes. Travel bikes are much more specialized means than classic trekking bikes and can reach prices of several thousand euros. The mountings of these bikes also use very professional components and the material of the frames can vary a lot from steel, to aluminum, to carbon depending on the specific intended use. Travel bikes are used for both road and off-road trips and journeys and are in this case derived from gravel, but with a larger load capacity.

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