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Tourism (or Touring) bikes are, as the name suggests, designed for cycling excursions and travels. They are beautiful and sturdy bicycles, equipped with all the options necessary for long rides on various terrains.

Characteristics of touring bikes

In the world of trekking bikes, touring bicycles are the most versatile and transversal: they have frames (aluminum or metal) and sturdy wheels, straight and raised handlebars with a geometry that implies a rather upright and comfortable position. They are bikes suitable for pedaling on road and gravel, and also for light climbs: they have transmission with a wide range of sprockets to facilitate pedaling on gradients but shorter ratios than travel bikes. The range is however wide: 26", 27"5 or 28" wheels, brakes that can be classic cantilevers, v-brakes or hydraulic discs. In addition there are touring bikes with a road vocation, or more multi-terrain, such as all-road bikes.
Touring bicycles are designed for travel and excursion enthusiasts who do not have the need for sporting performance, but prefer comfort and solidity. Many models are equipped with mudguards, luggage racks and reflectors and in any case designed for the attachment of even heavy loads: bags and bags for tents, sleeping bags and clothing, for example.

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