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Within the trekking category, we find travel bicycles. They are very specialized vehicles, which are widely used in excursions, long journeys and trips.

Features of travel bikes

Compared to classic trekking bikes, these bikes are more specialized and are made of high quality materials and components. They are bikes deriving from gravel, with a range of use on asphalt, dirt and uphill, but with a greater load capacity. You can easily install bags and pouches with the contents for a trip.
The frames of travel bikes are light and strong, in aluminum with carbon forks for the most advanced models. The position is typical for road, although not as extreme as racing bikes. You can find models with straight or curved handlebars, while the brakes are normally disc. The wheels, usually 28 ”, are fitted with slightly wider tires than equivalent racing bikes, to ensure solidity on long journeys with a load.
The transmission consists of a single chainring with an extended rear sprocket set (even from 11 to 42) to be able to tackle fast plains and hard climbs, or a classic double chainring. We also remind you that travel bikes are designed to install all the gadgets needed on the road: mudguards, lights, reflectors, luggage racks and various other options.

Find the ideal travel bike online

EurekaBike is the marketplace where you can find hundreds of trekking and travel bikes, from the best manufacturers (Trek, Specialized, Salsa, Canyon, BMC, etc.) together with official and affiliated retailers.
Search online for your new travel bike and collect it, immediately available, at the selected and safe shop closest to you! Also online sale of trekking travel bikes directly from the website of the affiliated EurekaBike shop, with safe shipping in Italy and abroad.

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