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In the trekking category, fitness bikes are a crossover between a light mountain bike and a road bike. They are therefore designed to ride on regular roads, with technical characteristics reminiscent of racing bikes, albeit with a more comfortable position.

Features of hybrid and fitness bikes

Hybrid fitness bikes are light and sleek, with rather stiff aluminum frames and carbon forks for the top-of-the-range models, usually non-suspension. The wheels, usually 28 ”, are quite narrow and therefore designed to have good smoothness on asphalt. The position is more comfortable and erected compared to the gravel or racing cousins, with the straight and raised handlebar that favors comfort. These bikes have a transmission with different varieties: from single chainring and 3-speed rear, to sophisticated systems similar to racing bikes, with 2 (and even 3 chainrings) and sprocket set at the rear. The range of gears is made for fast pedaling (you get to a very long gear ratio for the flat) but also for tackling steep climbs.
The brakes can be the classic cantilever or disc on the most recent models.

In conclusion, a bike suitable for all those who want a sporty ride, in the city, in the countryside or uphill on reliable, light and smooth vehicles, but without having too much sacrificed set-up.

Find hundreds of fitness bikes online

On EurekaBike you will find hundreds of advertisements and offers of fitness bikes, of dozens and dozens of important brands in Italy and in the world (Atala, Cube, Scott, Specialized, etc.), together with affiliated dealers: you can compare prices and technical features in articulated pages complete with very detailed photos.
Find your ideal fitness bike and your size and then search the official website of the manufacturer or retailer to complete the order: you can request delivery to your home or opt for collection from the shop near your home.

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