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The timeless tandem, the nice and romantic double bicycle: two saddles, two handlebars, two pairs of pedals, made for couples, friends, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren.
Generations of people have enjoyed this vehicle, from the beginning when it was invented almost in parallel with the bicycle, up to competitions: until 1994 the tandem was included as a speed specialty in the world track championships.

Tandem on EurekaBike

Today you can find many tandem listings and offers on EurekaBike: they are advanced, solid and equipped bicycles, in many colors and shapes. They range from the classic tandem for strolling, with a comfortable and upright position and an arched handlebars, to the more sporty tandems for a fast pedaling, with frames inspired by MTB. You will also find special vehicles, such as the Atala Smart, in which the rear passenger does not have pedals but is comfortably seated on his/her saddle with handlebars, or the increasingly popular eTandems, that are electric and pedal assisted.

Buy a tandem online

EurekaBike is the site of cycling and bicycles: all types of enthusiasts will find bikes suitable for their needs. In the special category of other bikes there are dozens of tandems from the best manufacturers (Atala, Trek, Moustache, ecc.) and many official dealers in your area.
You can compare prices and offers, catalogs and price lists, analyze detailed datasheets with lots of photos, and finally make a choice. You will also find bike shops and affiliated retailers where you can order the tandem and collect it in the store. Or, alternatively, visit hundreds of manufacturer and retailer sites where you can opt for home delivery (guaranteed and tracked to and from many parts of Europe and North America) 

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