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BMX (acronym for bicycle motocross) is a cycling discipline born in the United States in 1968 and rapidly spread to the rest of the world over the next decade.

BMX bikes are single-speed, small but solid, with 20-inch diameter wheels (24 in the Cruiser and some BMX race variants).

BMX bikes can afford several disciplines and for each one of them, bikes have slightly different characteristics.

The original discipline is called BMX race. The race track is from 300 to 400 meters long with average times between 35 and 50 seconds, characterized by bumps, parabolic curves, and other obstacles similar to those of motocross tracks.

Alongside the original BMX discipline, over the years other so-called "freestyle" ones have been created in which it is not the speed at which you run the track that counts but the evolutions you perform. These disciplines are:

  • BMX Park: this discipline consists of performing stunts with BMX by jumping on infrastructures such as half-pipe, mainly built in wood or concrete with iron elements;
  • BMX Street: which consists in performing all sorts of stunts using the elements of the urban landscape;
  • BMX Flatland: where the athletes perform continuous evolutions without ever having to touch the ground with their feet. Among them, the best known Italian athlete is Luca Contoli;
  • BMX Dirt: it is a mix of  BMX Park and BMX Race disciplines. The track is made of dit and athletes must perform the biggest and most reckless jumps being evaluated in both technique and style;
  • BMX Vert: probably the riskiest of all BMX disciplines, it consists of performing stunts with BMX in half-pipes up to 10 meters high with huge roll-ins.

Whether you're riding for fun, racing for the win, or hanging around with friends, a good BMX bike can take on anything you throw at it.

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