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All-Mountain (AM) MTBs are bikes with characteristics of solidity and versatility to be used in every section of cross-country, both for downhill and uphill as well ad in flat and even roads to reach their ideal terrain which are the mountain trails.

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AM mountain bikes are therefore the perfect choice for the off-road enthusiast. These bikes have qualities of strength but do not reach the level of specialization of the Enduro. They are well suspended, with travel typically up to 140mm, and the frame is slightly lighter. This does not mean that they are not suitable for the descent: you can easily make trails in the woods and descend mountains and hills, although not in the extreme conditions of the downhill sections in enduro races. Furthermore, the transmission is normally made up of a double chainring at the front and a series of sprockets at the rear, to fit the balanced nature of the bycicle between uphill and downhill.

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