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In the field of the road bikes there is a macro-category defined as road tourism, a type that has always had a wide diffusion among true cycling enthusiasts and thanks to technological advances it is today a fast and multipurpose bike for cycling activities on tarmac.

Technical characteristics of the road tourism bike

These bikes have road performance characteristics similar to those for racing, albeit with a slightly more mitigated configuration. The frames are a little less rigid, the position slightly more comfortable and the wide range of ratios helps when used on very hard climbs.

In summary, the touring road bike is suitable for amateur cyclists and bike tourists: the former will find satisfaction in a longer or shorter sport ride, the latter in grinding kms on a trip or excursion. They are bikes for exclusive use on paved asphalt and do not even disdain use in non-extreme competitions.

The components are of a superior category, such as frames, transmission, forks, handlebars, brakes, wheels and saddle, to allow an efficient and smooth pedaling even for long distances, at more affordable prices than the very special racing bikes.

Purchase a touring racing bike online

On EurekaBika you will find hundreds of models of touring road bikes: a vast panorama that covers all the major world manufacturers and authorized dealers. You will find top brands, Italian, European and American (Pinarello, De Rosa, Trek, Specialized, BMC, Scott), together with emerging manufacturers. In addition, special sections for road and touring bike components, and for technical clothing.

EurekaBika is the reference site for cycling and road bike enthusiasts: a bike marketplace with thousands of ads, price listings, catalogs, special offers. You can also choose your ideal touring bike, order the size and decide to pick it up at your trusted shop or have it shipped home.

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