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Track bikes have special features because they are intended exclusively to be used in velodromes: in this category there are all the offers of this particular type of vehicle. They are very light bicycles, with a single very long ratio in the fixed gear sprocket. They also have no brakes and the position is extremely low for maximum aerodynamics. Tires are narrower and inflated to much higher pressures than road bikes.

Cycling on track

The velodromes are rings with two steeply banked curves in concrete, resin or wood, which typically measure 250 and 333.3 meters, but can also reach 400 m. In Italy there are a few facilities of that kind, but not as many as there were in the past, when the competitions on track were extremely popular and followed. In the rest of Europe and in the world, on the other hand, there are many important and efficient velodromes, where races are held for all categories, up to the important Six Days in pairs. The activity of the track is alternative and integrated to the road one; it is not uncommon for professional champions of the latter to have a track background or to carry out the two activities together: an example for all is Filippo Ganna and in the past Mercx, Moser, Wiggins.
The specialties are varied and many, some Olympic, others not: we remember the individual and team pursuit, speed, keirin, Madison (or omnium),that is a group race with a series of sprints,etc.

The offers of track bikes

On EurekBike you will find a wide choice of track bikes  from the best world manufacturers and retailers. There are top brands used in all categories and also by professionals (Pinarello, Specialized, Scott, BMC and many others)
Choose your ideal track bike from hundreds of offers, where you can compare prices and price lists: place your order and decide whether to collect it from the retailer or have it sent to your home.