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De Rosa is one of the most respected brands from Italy, named after its founder Ugo De Rosa. Who opened his first workshop in the early 1950’s in Milan.

In 1958, the company recorded considerable progress as it was approached by pro cyclist Raphael Geminiani to build a bike for the upcoming Giro d'Italia.

Throughout the 60’s De Rosa bicycles gained in popularity as more and more teams chose the brand as supplier for professional racing bikes.By the end of the 1960s Eddy Merckx - the most successful rider of all time - started using De Rosa frames which subsequently became the official bicycles of the Molteni team. 

From a small workshop in Milan, to one of the most in vogue bike manufacturers in the world, De Rosa has supplied bikes of outstanding quality from entry level riders to some of the world’s best road racers.



De Rosa has stayed true to it's tradition of producing the highest-performing bicycle frames and products, for over fifty years. The company builds some of the finest steel road racing frames in the world. 

The Strada Record was one of the most sought-after bicycles of the 1970s. Constructed using Columbus SL steel tubes and equipped with the best parts of its time: the Campagnolo, it was designed with the racing victory in mind. 

Today, De Rosa continues to refine their knowledge, meticulousness, technique and taste to more recent advances in frame building materials such as Titanium and Carbon.



The De Rosa brand is legendary in the cycling community for satisfying the varying needs of enthusiasts as well as pro-athletes. 

If you're looking for a classic bicycle that is the height of style, craftsmanship and passion, you won't find anything better than a De Rosa.


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