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Road racing bikes are designed and built for uncompromising competition: super-light vehicles with components of the highest technological level to reach maximum performance. They are bikes made for competitions on tarmac or in general for the athlete who wants to have the top of smoothness and speed in any condition. These vehicles are those normally used in cycling races of each category, up to the professional teams. In fact, you will find the brands used by the UCI World Tour and models similar to those used by the pedal champions.

Technical characteristics of racing bikes

The frames of the race bikes represent technological excellence and are in carbon alloy as the result of research on materials and aerodynamics. There are monocoque and different geometries to ensure maximum rigidity and lightness: we are now well below 1 kg, while the total weight of the bike cannot go below 6.8 kg by UCI regulation.

The transmissions of racing bikes are equally sophisticated: they are at the top of the category and in some cases electronic with a double crankset and 11 or 12 sprockets, in order to have an extended range of uphill, flat, and downhill ratios. Since the latest years of the 2010s, electronic shifters became to spread also on production bicycles, providing a noticeable improvement in the design by avoiding critical internal cables routing. The wheels are normally 28 ”, often with high profiles rims and disc brakes that are now universally widespread.

Purchase a road racing bike online

On EurekaBike you will find a worldwide panorama of the best manufacturers and retailers. You will be able to see price lists and catalogs, compare prices and offers, analyze hundreds of models from various years. You will find your ideal racing bike, both from the great Italian manufacturers (Colnago, Pinarello, De Rosa), and from the USA giants (Scott, Specialized, Trek), and from other brands in the world (BMC, Canyon, etc. .).

Choose the race bike you prefer on EurekaBike, select the model and size of the frame and order the vehicle: you can opt for home delivery or collection at your nearby trusted shop.

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