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Every company has a unique startup story of its own, for Niner, that story started where any great mountain bike story starts, on a trail.

Niner is an American bicycle manufacturer in Fort Collins, Colorado, that specializes in 29er mountain bikes (bikes that make use of 622mm ISO inside rim diameter wheels). The company also offers several models of cyclocross and adventure-touring bikes. Niner's first bike was a scandium single-speed 29er. 

Back in 2004, Founder Chris Sugai was running a successful car window tinting business in Los Angeles, with the business was running smoothly, he found himself with a lot of extra time on his hands.

This naturally meant more time doing what he loved; riding his mountain bike. It was at this same time that he was trying out a 29" wheeled single speed bike; a rarity at the time, when he noticed something.

He was passing riders on the up and down hills and then a light bulb went off for Chris, engineers were hired, Sketches were made, Testing was done, and a bike was born. Niner's first bike was a Scandium Single Speed 29er.

Shortly after the delivery of the first shipment of Niners, the company started seeing massive growth, so much so, that over the next few years, the “hobby business” took up all of his free time.



Since the inception of the first bike, Niner has extensively grown its product listing. Several Niner models now feature a new proprietary manufacturing process called Carbon Compaction System, which utilizes rigid internal molds.

According to the company, this creates a tighter, more consistent compaction of carbon layers, resulting in increased wall thickness precision, reduced resin pooling, and increased strength. 

As the popularity of 29er mountain bikes began to grow during the late-2000s and early-2010s, the Niner brand also began to grow. In 2011, the Niner bike company was recognized by Forbes List of America’s Most Promising Companies. 

Niner offers a complete range of available bikes which includes:

Full-suspension mountain bikes, Hardtail mountain bikes, Cyclocross bikes, and Adventure-touring bikes, aka gravel bikes.

The company also offers a selection of bike components, including frame parts, forks, wheels, handlebars, and seat posts.



Niner, are a group of passionate riders and adventurers, with a call of duty to make off-road bikes for the trail or the road less traveled. Niners are 100% committed to impeccable designs & exquisite ride quality.

 The company is committed to building bikes that make each ride on dirt better. They are committed to building and preserving trails by giving everyone more places to ride, and expanding the concept of the total outdoor lifestyle and experiencing the natural world in as many ways as possible.


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