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Cross-country (XC) is a discipline of mountain biking. This branch of mountain biking became an Olympic sport in 1996 and it is the only form of mountain biking practiced at the Olympics.

Cross-country is defined by the terrain on which it is performed: XC courses and trails consist of a blend or mixture of rough forest paths and single-track (also referred to as double-track depending on the width of the racing track), smooth fire-roads, and even paved paths linking or connecting other trails.

Since the inception of cross country, the sport has evolved into 3 sub disciplines based on the guidelines or racing styles, these are:

  • XCE (Cross-Country eliminator)
  • XCO (Cross-Country Olympic)
  • XCM (Cross-Country Marathon)

Cross-Country Eliminator (XCE)

Just as the name implies, XCE involves a race where the last rider or the last two riders who go through the finish line are out of the race.

Cross-Country Olympic (XCO)

Consists of a lap, racing around a short circuit. It's the only sub category of cross country which is in the Olympics, and it requires high mountain biking skills.

Cross-Country Marathon (XCM)

XCM consists of a route ranging usually between 65 to 100 km. It has gained popularity in recent years, because participation is open to everyone, including beginners.

Whether you're riding trails, racing for the win, or having fun with friends, a good cross-country bike can take on anything you throw at it.

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