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This sub-category includes all kid's bikes with 20-inch wheels, therefore suitable for a height between 120 and 135 cm (6-7 years). Obviously, children can grow up in a slightly different way, so the same bicycles can also be used up to 9 years old.

The 20” bikes proposed embrace a wide range of types, but all are characterized by ease of use, attractive look and safety of materials which is the first thing to consider when thinking about children. You can choose the ideal bicycle for your little ones, so that they can ride happily and in freedom even with you.

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You will find hundreds of offers bikes for strolling or derived from mountain bikes or for girls and even small racing bikes with drop handlebars and professional sprocket box! Sturdy aluminum frames, solid wheels and a series of accessories such as bells, luggage racks and reflectors characterize the 20-inch bikes.

On EurekaBika hundreds of models of children's bikes: a vast panorama that covers all the major world manufacturers (Atala, R Raymon, Cube, BMC and many others) and authorized dealers.
EurekaBika is the reference site for bicycle enthusiasts of all ages: a bicycle marketplace with thousands of ads, price lists, catalogs, special offers. You can also choose the 20-inch bike (or any size) and decide to pick it up at your trusted shop or have it shipped home.

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