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Bikes with 26 ”and 27” 5 wheels are only slightly smaller than adult bikes that normally have (as far as MTBs are concerned) 29". Therefore they are suitable for adolescents and teenagers ranging from 12-13 years up to adultness. Furthermore, they can also be used (especially the 27 ”5 ones) by women or people of short stature who would be uncomfortable with the traditional wheel size.

Characteristics of the 26 and 27.5 inches bikes

In this transversal category you will find many types of bikes united by the size of the wheels, but the range of proposals is particularly rich for off-road or in any case bikes deriving from MTBs. There are also 26"and 27"5 touring or hybrid bikes, which have a versatile use, on asphalt, gravel and off-road, as quiet strolling bikes equipped with mudguards, bells, reflectors and in some cases even luggage racks.

As for MTB, the panorama is vast and includes many of the types of specialized adult bikes: cross-country, all-mountain, enduro. They are bikes that have nothing to envy to their bigger sisters in terms of quality and robustness of the components. Aluminum frames, carbon forks, front suspension or full suspension, disc brakes, excellent single or double chainrings for control and ease of use on all routes.
Trail in the woods, meadows, rocks and scrubs, hard climbs and breathtaking descents with jumps will be the vocation grounds for these wonderful bicycles, for the joy of boys and girls on the way to become expert mountain bikers!

Find your ideal 26 ”and 27” 5 bike online

On EurekaBike you will find hundreds of ads, advertisements and offers of specialized bike models with small wheels! Price lists and catalogs of the major world manufacturers (Scott, Trek, Specialized, Mondraker, Cube, and many others) together with many official dealers.
Online sale of bikes directly from the EurekaBike affiliate shop website, with safe shipping in Italy and abroad, or find your favorite 26 and 27.5 inch bike online and choose to pick it up in the shop close to home.

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