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In the city bike category the commuting type is available: this definition encompasses bikes designed for slightly longer journeys than traditional city bikes. Bicycles that are comfortable and light but sturdy, smooth and equipped with gears and other useful gadgets in the city busy street or on the country roads: they can be used to go to work, school, university or simply for a short urban stroll or in the countryside.

Technical characteristics of city commuting bikes

The commuting bikes are derived from light MTBs: compact, light, and sturdy frames, with the top tube low or quite inclined for better accessibility. The wheels are normally 27 "5 or 29", tires wide enough to allow easy use on all routes, even easy paths or dirt roads. The handlebar is usually narrow and straight with shifters gear, which has two or three chainrings at the front to tackle even tough climbs. The brakes are now universally disc.
In addition, the commuting bikes are set up for everyday use, therefore complete with lights, bell, mudguards and chainguards and in some cases even luggage racks.

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