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City bikes are bicycles for quiet, everyday use on city streets and country roads. Classic bicycles for strolling for everyone: comfortable, beautiful, equipped with all the useful accessories to ride safely and happily.

Types of city bikes

Under this category the range of available models is very wide: traditional high bikes for men with 28" wheels, lower women's ones without central barrel, bikes with straight handlebars and frames derived from MTB, folding bikes and with small wheels, with few gears or with fixed sprockets.

The common denominator is always comfort and full equipment since city bikes are complete with mudguards and chain guards, bell, lights, luggage racks to carry small objects and some even a basket to maybe go for a picnic with friends.

City bikes of many types, for children, adults, the elderly, men and women; to ride alone or in company, in the city, in the countryside, by the sea or on vacation.

Purchase online a city bike

On EurekaBike you will find an enviable panorama of city bikes from top manufacturers and independent brands (Atala, Cube, Scott, BMC, Cinelli), together with authorized dealers. You will be able to compare prices, price lists, models, offers and discounts.

EurekaBike is the market place to buy your ideal city bike, save on the price and have the opportunity to pick it up from a trusted dealer or request a comfy home delivery.

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