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Chris Akrigg on impossible climbs with the GT Force Amp and Shimano EP8

14 Dec 2021Jacopo V.

Chris Akrigg tackles impossible climbs with his GT Force Amp 2022

It has been just released an incredible video where the British stunt rider Chriss Akrigg brings to the extreme limit the potential of the new GT Amp 2022 rig, equipped with the Shimano EP8 motor. For sure Chris has an immense talent to ride whatever type of bicycle in the most incredible places, but this video shows once more what is the actual potential of e-bikes when it comes to steep climbs

Electric mountain bikes in particular open total new riding scenarios for the pros, as well as for the average rider. Having that surplus of power available for your legs allows you to ride in places that were simply inaccessible before the advent of e-bikes. 

Climbing water streams and slimy rocks, gapping up and down huge stones, pedalling up dusty trails and riversides. Steep diagonals on +30% grade walls, crusing up and down loose slate grounds in full control... You need more than Chriss Akrigg's talent to do that, and the rideabiliy level that modern ebikes provide nowadays is simply the step that was missing. 

Shimano EP8 e-bike system is the state of the art of Shimano's drivetrains for MTB specific use. The right power at the right time, Shimano claims. 

This means raw power with complete control and adjustable power tailored to every riding style and need. Shimano EP8 features 85Nm maximum torque and delivers smooth, direct power for the most natural riding feeling. As you can see by your eyes in this video.

You can also check the GT Brand page, or the page of the Shimano EP8 motor.