The fourth video of the Urban Freeride Lives Chile series by Fabio Wibmer


Fabio Wibmer's new video, Urban Freeride Lives Chile, shows exciting stunts in different locations in Valparaiso. The city streets, houses and dunes become the backdrop for the rider's incredible performances, offering an engaging and spectacular experience.

Urban Freeride Ep. 4: Lives Chile

In the fourth edition of the Urban Freeride series, Fabio Wibmer captures the thrilling action as he traverses the steep and colorful streets of Valparaiso. On his Downhill Canyon Sender equipped with Ohlins suspension and Crankbrothers, Fabio performs breathtaking stunts, jumps and tricks that require great technique and courage. This video offers a thrilling show for bike stunt lovers.

Fabio Wibmer: the athlete

Fabio Wibmer, a renowned acrobatic cycling athlete, showcases his skills and his signature style in the world of biketrials, as he performs breathtaking stunts in several unique locations. His passion and early talent led to global success, inspiring a huge fan base on major social networks, especially Youtube.

His ability in combining speed, precision and creativity quickly made him a viral phenomenon, collecting millions of views on YouTube and Instagram. His videos feature incredible leaps, impossible balance skills and gravity-defying stunts.

Fabio has demonstrated his ability in the field. also in the world of professional cycling. He participated in important international competitions. He has won gold medals in prestigious events such as the Red Bull District Ride and Crankworx, proving his dominance in stunt cycling worldwide.

In addition to his sporting feats, he is also a champion in his real life and he has become an inspirational model for the youngsters. Through his videos and performances, he encourages his viewers to overcome their fears, believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. He is a living example of how with passion, commitment and determination, you can overcome limits and achieve great goals. Despite its global fame tha makes him one of the most popular bicycle athletes in the World, he remains a humble and easy person. He continues to constantly challenge his own limits to improve himself and create new tricks that leave the audience breathless. His creativity – and his unique style continue to inspire young cyclists and bike enthusiasts from all over the world.

MTB in Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, a city built on hills called "Cerros", offers colorful neighborhoods with artistic murals. Historic elevators offer panoramic views, while museums and art galleries celebrate the city’s history and culture. The visit to La Sebastiana, home of Pablo Neruda, offers a spectacular view. Walks on the seafront, food, nightlife, and excursions in the nearby Parque Nacional La Campana are other nice things to do there. In Valparaiso, Bikers can enjoy an exciting holiday, pedaling in a unique location full of attractions.

Watch the video Urban Freeride Lives Chile:


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