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Triathlon and Time Trial (TT) bikes are a type of high performance bikes designed specifically for competitions in these two categories. Super light, aerodynamics and ratios designed for maximum speed, are essentially aimed at competition.

Triathlon competitions

Triathlon, which includes swimming, cycling and running, is now a very popular discipline and has been an Olympic sport since the 2000 Games.

Triathlon cycling distances

The characteristic of this sport is that the cycling section starts immediately after the swimming one, and is in fact a solo route, making it very similar to time trial competitions.
The distances vary according to the type of triathlon competition (and the other fractions are also proportional):

Supersprint: 10 km
Sprint: 20 km
Olympic: 40 km
Double Olympic: 80 km
Long: 120 km
Iron Man: 180 km

As seen, the mileage varies significantly, but the characteristics of the triathlon bike remain substantially unchanged from the TT one, apart from the ratios that are chosen according to the altitude of the route.

Time Trial races

These competitions can be a fraction of a stage lap, or a stand-alone race. There is no standard mileage, but 40-50km is rarely exceeded in professional racing, while the distance is shorter in the other categories.

The triathlon & TT bike

Given the specific use, these bikes have an extreme set-up: very elongated position, and handlebars with extensions to relax aerodynamically. The frame is normally made of carbon, the rims have a high profile, the transmission of top quality. It is obviously not for the daily use of the cyclist!

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