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Gravel & cyclocross bikes are becoming increasingly popular both to face the two types of competitions, and to meet the needs of the cycle amateur on the road and on gravel roads.

Gravel competitions

Gravel races were born in the USA not so long ago, spreading rapidly in Europe as well. Races take place on various terrains in an alternation of sections on asphalt and white or gravel roads (from which the name gravel bikes), with related holes, mud and small rocks. Mileage is consistent, from 100km to marathons of more than 300km.

Cyclocross Competitions (CX)

Cyclocross has a long tradition that, coming from France where it was invented in the early twentieth century, has developed in many countries, becoming very popular especially in Belgium. CX races are competitions typical of autumn and winter seasons. Racing on mixed asphalt, dirt, meadows and mud, but unlike gravel they are held on a circuit to be repeated many times, for a total time of only 40 minutes to 1 hour of full gas commitment.

Gravel & Cyclocross Bike (CX) for the Amateur

Due to the mixed use for which they were born, these bikes have characteristics of solidity and lightness without sacrificing comfort. The frames are road-derived but more robust or MTB-derived but with wider spacing for wider wheels. The gearbox units are of excellent quality and similar to the very special roads (with two crowns), but there are also bikes equipped with a single MTB crown. The wheels are normally 28, with reinforced or wider tubeless tyres for off-road use. Thanks to these characteristics, the gravel & CX bike is very suitable for the enthusiast who grinds many kilometers even only on the road and on hard climbs, and maybe wants to enjoy from time to time a diversion on unpaved terrain.

What are the advantages of a gravel & CX bike

  • Robustness and solidity
  • Savings compared to a very special road bike
  • High component technology
  • Versatility
  • Possible use even on the road

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