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Is it the case that work and family don't give you time for a bike ride? Is the weather inclement with rain and cold that do not invite the usual pedaling? Rollers and home trainers have always been the best solution: there are many options on the market that are right for you. You can find equipment with a price range ranging from 100-150 Euros up to sophisticated objects from 2000 Euros.
These devices allow you to train at home with your bicycle even every day, take up little space and, depending on the model, can be configured for very different modes of effort in order to simulate the reality of the road.

Types of rollers and home trainers

There are three major categories on the market: in ascending price order, there are free rollers, stationary trainers and direct drives.

The former are classic rollers on which the bike rests without any anchoring: the advantage is that they can be used by any type of bike and do not require any prior preparation. On the other hand, it is necessary to be in balance on them and the resistance is not very high so they are suitable for those who do not have particular needs for hard training. Moreover, in the face of a very low price, they usually have no connection, so the regulation will always be analog.

The stationary trainer is more advanced in terms of resistance and adjustments (and until a decade ago they dominated the market even at a professional level). In them, the bike frame must be tightly anchored to the equipment so that the rear wheel acts on the roller/flywheel. There are excellent trainers of this type on the market, smart and interactive with training options even long and hard (steep slopes)

Finally, the most recent and most valid technology are the direct drive wheels: the tool must be replaced directly on the rear wheel of your bicycle and the chain attached to the sprocket set of the equipment itself. That is, they are direct drive, a technology that provides the perfect cycling simulation. In addition, the objects are interactive with the ability to connect with the main apps (including Zwift). Basically, having chosen the path, you will pedal in front of the screen simulating a path with sprints, climbs, descents using a various range of wattages.

Buy rollers and home trainers online

On EurekaBike you will find dozens of proposals for rollers and bike trainers from the main manufacturers of which you can compare prices and technical characteristics. By contacting the manufacturer's website it will be very easy to buy online and request home delivery or collection from a shop in your area.
EurekaBike is the site of the cycling enthusiast where not only bicycles are offered but also clothing and accessories: in this case you will find parts, spare parts and tools related to rollers and home trainers.