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Dirt & Slopestyle

This category includes all bikes designed to do dirt, slope-style or pump-track, that is off-road routes that involve jumps, banked turns and tricks of all kinds. Thanks to their versatility, their use can also extend to free-ride and even street-ride in urban contexts.


They are races or routes held on special sloping slopes (therefore for the most part downhill), featuring small or high and long jumps and parabolic turns, which challenge the speed but above all the rider's technique. It is a discipline that finds similar races in different sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding and even ski-cross.

Dirt Jumping

The dirt specialty is an evolution of BMX and comprises a series of off-road or artificial ramps and jumps. Compared to slopestyle, the competitions are based on jumps, whose technique, style and fluidity are judged by a jury.


Artificial slopes, similar in development to those of the Slopestyle, with the difference that they are flat, forming a ring. The course consists of bumps, jumps, compressions and parabolics, however, while in the Slopestyle you go down by gravity, in the pump-track you have to pedal to relaunch the action

Features of Dirt and Slopestyle bikes

They are bikes with an extremely solid frame and amortization/suspension: there are mono-suspension with rigid frame or full suspension. The saddle is very low because you are practically always standing on the pedals, the handlebar is light and small in size, the transimission reduced to the essentials. Roughly speaking they are hybrids between BMX and downhill bikes, without reaching the level of specialization (and prices) of the latter. The frames and shock absorbers are in fact of simpler technology because they do not have to reach the extreme stresses of pure downhill, even though they are very valid for that specific use.

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