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The UCI World Championships in Val di Sole brought not only many sporting emotions, confirming Nino Schurter and Greg Minaar as the greatest of all time (GOAT) respectively in cross country and downhill.

The world championships in Val di Sole, the most important MTB sporting event of the year, also saw the birth of the new collaboration between the EurekaBike portal and the most important Italian association dedicated to the promotion and teaching of mountain biking: AMIBike - Scuola Nazionale Maestri di Mountain Bike ed E-Bike.

The collaboration was born in a completely natural way from a shared vision on the founding values ​​of sport and from the mutual conviction that a young and dynamic reality like EurekaBike can provide great added value to a historical and consolidated reality like AMIBike. Likewise, it is believed that AMIBike can help EurekaBike to make itself known more quickly and to increase the number of offers on the platform, thus generating added value for all users.

AMIBike activities

AMIBIke is the most structured and widespread association of Mountain Bike Masters operating on the national territory. Thousands of members can access training and educatonal update services (but also have a point of reference for the protection of their rights) and enjoy special commercial conditions with the various partners and sponsors. All aimed at spreading the phenomenon of mountain biking in a safe and sustainable way, avoiding improvised situations, that usually play against the whole Movement.

Every year courses for training hundreds of new mountain bike and e-bike instructors, guides, and masters are organized. Students learn a mentality and a professional attitude and are able, in the end, to safely accompany bicycle enthusiasts to discover Nature and all aspects of the mountain bike world.

AMIBike, present in a widespread manner on the Italian territory, organizes numerous training courses every year. They issue an official certificate that proves the acquisition of all the necessary skills to be an officially recognized teacher or guide of mountain bikes and e-bikes. The official recognition comes from CSI and CONI (Italian national sports Federations), through the AMIBike certification.

In over twenty years of activity, AMIBike has defined teaching and training methods that are now a point of reference in the sector. Thanks to this approach, AMIBIke also collaborates with regions, provinces and municipalities, performing rookies sports & cycling programs in schools. Thank to special protocols specifically designed by AMIBike, they teach the basic skills of mountain bike to children startin from 18 months old, and pursuing the vision of sport as a "school of life" and as an opportunity to educate young people both in basic motor skills and in healthy lifestyle habits and high educational value. AMIBike also organizes and leads programs to introduce kids and adults to the use of mountain bikes.

EurekaBike the ideal technologic infrastructure

Andrea Trivellato, founder of AMIBIke, and its main promoter since 1997, says:

"We have long wanted to offer our associates useful and innovative digital services, but we did not have the technological infrastructure to put these projects on the ground. EurekaBike immediately seemed to be the ideal solution to give substance to our ideas and the desire to AMIBike to provide increasingly useful and interesting benefits to all members. "

EurekaBike aims to become a global search engine that collects organized information not only on the price lists of bikes and components but also in terms of bicycle-related experiences and services offered to those who visit the site.

The wide-ranging collaboration project involves that in the coming months, the AMIBike staff will work together with EurekaBike to build a digital tool dedicated to guides, masters and tour operators in the cycling sector, able to offer visibility to those who offer these services and advanced search functionality to all users who are interested in them.

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Jacopo V.

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