EurekaBike Athlete Management is born


Nurturing Talent and Developing Cyclist Careers

In a period of significant changes within the bike industry, EurekaBike is proud to announce the launch of a new business sector dedicated exclusively to athlete management: EurekaBike Athlete Management. This pioneering initiative aims to assist both young cyclists and elite/professional athletes by offering unprecedented support in career development and in managing communication and sponsorship contracts.

Digital Management at the Service of the Athlete

What makes EurekaBike Athlete Management unique is its exclusive integration with the EurekaBike digital platform, a solid and recognized online presence for its association with brands, products, retailers, and fans, as well as other important connections within the bike industry. This integration ensures athletes a distinctive digital presence, fully functional to facilitate their daily life, allowing them to concentrate on the most relevant activities to improve their performance and thus maintain an optimal focus on the sporting aspect.

The goal of EurekaBike Athlete Management is to support and facilitate competitive cyclists at all levels, enabling them to keep the utmost focus on their sporting objectives in terms of results, sponsorships, and personal branding. We strongly believe in the value of connecting athletes with fans, sponsors, and brands in a meaningful and continuous way, to keep the level of engagement in athlete-related communication high.

This represents a real shift in athlete management perspective, a strategy aimed at enhancing and valuing the athlete, leveraging the entire EurekaBike ecosystem with the goal of establishing itself as a reference point in the cycling world. EurekaBike Athlete Management creates programs that use digital platforms to maximize the visibility and communication related to cycling athletes.

Customized Management Solutions

Understanding the individual needs together with the athlete, EurekaBike Athlete Management offers customized solutions that include contract negotiation, acquisition of sponsorships, development and management of personal branding, and relations with media and institutions. Leveraging its experience as a digital agency, EurekaBike is capable of creating professional websites and managing their organic positioning and growth through social networks. EurekaBike's approach ensures that athletes can focus on what they do best: training and competing, while the management team handles the complexities of their professional landscape beyond purely sporting aspects.

Connecting with the Cycling Community

Through the EurekaBike platform, athletes gain access to a vibrant community of cycling enthusiasts, brands, and experts. This connection opens opportunities for collaborations, endorsements, and participation in the community, further enriching the athlete's career and personal branding.

EurekaBike Athlete Management is ready to revolutionize the way cyclists build and manage their careers, combining its industry network, traditional management services, and the advantages of digital integration. This is a forward-thinking initiative aimed at elevating the careers of cyclists, from emerging talents to established professionals.

For more information on how EurekaBike Athlete Management can support your cycling career, contact us at or call us at +39-348-4381018.

Jacopo Vigna

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