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Holger Feist, former professional snowboarder, has travelled the world with his bike and snowboard, heading far away from the beaten path to destinations. Out in the most savage backcountries around the world a tent is the only hotel going, and on those long, cold, sleepless nights huddling on a some farflung mountainside he had plenty of time to think.

The topic that kept coming back to him was an injury he suffered from a tool stored in his backpack that dug into his spine during an avalanche. Lying in that tent he kept coming back to that backpack and how nothing on the market at that time worked well. With his experience as a product manager in the snowboard industry he decided that if nobody else was going to make the backpack he needed.

Using his contacts he had a first prototype made up. While he was testing the backpack, he then turned his attention to how to carry his bike with him when he travelled. Sketching a rough design with big wheels and the weight all moved to the back of the bag he had prototypes of that made too.

In late 2006 one of Holger's riding buddies, Bernd Stucke, who was to become his co-founder, took the bike bag and packpack into the legendary Flying Ball Cycles in Hong Kong, and there and then Mr. Lee said he would order 50 bike bags. Since then, a lot has changed, positively for the brand. Yet function and quality continues on as the most important components of the all their products. 



EVOC features Revolutionary Backpacks, Bags & Protectors for Snow and Bike Adventures With more than 10 years of experience in developing safe and simply designed bike transport bags, EVOC makes your travel dreams come true. 

The clever bike transport solutions ensure that your favourite bike arrives safely at its destination without having to make any cockpit adjustments before and after packing, for example, With their lightweight and comfortable handling, the bike cases and covers increase not only protection but also your travel comfort.

The award winning brand also has the right transport solutions for your winter sports equipment. Skis, snowboards and accessories are always safely stored and easily accessible in the Snow Travel Bags. The Avalanche Airbag-compatible, freeride and country rodeo backpack series from EVOC ensures that you can plunge into the powder snow downhill without any worries. From a relaxing day on the slopes to high mountain adventures: these backpacks are suitable for you. 



With Quality, functionality and durability still top priorities for EVOC, The brand will continue to be the trend setter in design, comfort and protection. Quality shines bright in every single product they create, as they convey their passion for sports and travel.

Products from EVOC are consequently always a little more than just items of equipment. EVOC stands for evolution and the concept of high-quality, sporty backpacks, bags and luggage – with a particular focus on proper protection of man and material

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