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E*thirteen Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
1445 Technology Ln, Suite A9
Petaluma, CA
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E*thirteen Facts

E*thirteen's headquarters are located in Petaluma, California, and Squamish, British Columbia. Both these towns are major hubs of mountain biking. The brand lives and breathes mountain biking and has located itself in some of the best riding locations in North America.

E*thirteen first gained recognition in the early 2000s for their superior chain guide systems. The California based company soon became the industry leader in chain retention. 



Since their inception in 2001, the company has expanded it's product offering to include wheels, tires, drive train components, and many others. All their current products still contain the same high-performance attributes of their original chain guides. e*thirteen is focused on improving the ride for everyone, as well as providing beautiful, well-engineered products to riders all over the world. 

With high engineering skill and absolute passion, the product portfolio has grown over the years. The e*thirteen brand also includes chainrings, cassettes, dropper posts, high-quality wheels and tyres in Trail, Enduro and Downhill categories. The world's best riders like Aaron Gwin have attested to the quality of e*thirteen for years. And success proves them right! 



At its core, e*thirteen is a small group of riders who think up, engineer, and create new products that improve the cycling experience. When it comes to the mountain bike industry, the best products come from riders themselves and e*thirteen is a company of riders through and through. 

From affordable entry-level components to high-end carbon “Race” products, e*thirteen strives to improve the cycling experience.


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