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The category other eBikes essentially includes electric bikes, that feature a compact electric motor capable of making up for pedaling and always pushing the vehicle. Muscle action in these bikes is not necessary, although it is possible at any time as there are pedals! Electric propulsion is controlled by the right knob, just like a motorbike or a scooter.

Types of electric bikes

What types of electric bikes are available on the market? The models proposed in EurekBike try to cover the needs of various categories of cyclists who want, by choice, by necessity or for fun, a fully motorized bicycle.
There are beautiful and sturdy city electric bikes, city eBikes, 8-speed with front basket; there are BBF electric tricycles with a large front box for carrying objects and loads; there are modern electric tandems, with solid tech frames, mountain bike tires and adjustable positions for every size of the pair!

Order an electric bike with just a few clicks!

Discover new types of eBikes, on EurekaBike, because cycling is an activity without borders! You will find a vast panorama of assisted and electric bikes from major international manufacturers for these sspecial bicycles (BBF Bikes, Flyer, Columbus), new brands and major retailers.

Do compare models and prices, price lists and discounts, technical data sheets, in a site that offers the best in terms of quantity because it covers a large share of the cycling sector on a global scale, and in terms of quality because you have the possibility to choose any model, find the size of the electric bike on the official website or affiliated etailer and opt for safe shipping to home or collection at the shop.

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