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Motobikes are a new type of two-wheeled vehicles that belongs the dynamic universe of eBikes. They are essentially electric mountain bikes, MTBs where the pedaling transmission is totally independent, making it possible to tackle any trail and climb, modulating the muscular action at will (or if desired, doing without it). Motobikes are designed and produced by some very specialized manufacturers who wanted to create a purely hybrid vehicle, capable of integrating the philosophy of the off-road bicycles with the world of ecological and sustainable motorcycling.

Characteristics of motobikes

The characteristics and appearance of motobikes make them associated with the enduro MTB category: solid and rigid full-suspension frame with sophisticated motorcycle-derived shock absorbers, generously sized knobby wheels, disc brakes and transmission with a wide range of sprockets. The difference with pedal assisted bikes is in the motor: a powerful electric engine that can reach up to 4000 watts (about 6 HP). The goal is to have a vehicle capable of tackling climbs and descents as if it were a motorcycle and with a good autonomy. The position is the classic one of the mountain-biker, but you can decide whether and how much to pedal because the electric motor operated with the throttle is always available. You can quickly reach 50 km/h thanks to the considerable torque and have a range of 50-80 km.
The advantages of the motobike? Compared to an eBike is that there is no insurmountable obstacle, the autonomy is longer (20 to 40% more) and the speed can be higher. In addition, any category of person can run even difficult trails, regardless of weight, age and physical fitness.
Compared to a motorcycle (enduro or trial if you want) the advantages of the motobike are related to the weight and size (they can be easily transported or taken by train) and last but not least, respect for the environment thanks to the silent and ecological electric motor .

Buy a motobike online

On EurekaBike, the cycling and mountain bike marketplace, you will find dozens of offers from new motobike manufacturers (Agazzini, SEM, Bultaco, etc.), together with authorized dealers of eBikes and motobikes. You can compare prices and technical features in very detailed data sheets.
Eureka! You can choose your favorite motobike and contact the manufacturer's website directly to purchase and have the delivery to your home or opt for collection at a nearby shop

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