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The road eBikes, or eRoads, are special bikes similar in all respects as the equivalent road bikes, with the only, not insignificant difference, that they have pedal assistance.
The electric battery and the electronic control unit housed in the frame of the assisted road bikes provide additional help connected to pedaling and adjustable according to the effort, the route and the speed. Like all eBikes or assisted bicycles, the support comes into play when pedaling, however, requiring a certain physical effort (more or less high)

Why buy an eRoad bike

Although they do not have the success and diffusion of eMTBs yet, eRoad bikes are establishing themselves for their versatility and comfort among some categories of cyclists: those who want to climb uphill or long routes with less effort; different groups of cycling enthusiasts (the elderly, or with reduced mobility; who wants to make up for the physical gap with cyclists who use muscular means (for example the grandfather who makes a long journey in the company of his grandson).
ERoad bikes cover a wide range of road bikes: gravel, tourism up to sophisticated racing bikes or "specialissime", with lightweight carbon frames, advanced technology transmissions, smooth wheels and tires for maximum performance. With the eRoad no destination is precluded: very long routes for amateur cyclists such as the gran fondo and the Dolomite peaks!

Lots of eRoad bikes available online

On EurekaBike you will find a worldwide panorama of bike manufacturers and retailers, from the top to the emerging ones. The eBikes and eRoads are classified in hundreds of detailed sheets and you will be able to analyze prices, discounts, offers from Italian and international manufacturers as well as the opportunities of retailers from all over the world.
Choose your ideal eRoad bike model, with the optionals and the right size: you can request to the retailer website the delivery to your home (guaranteed and efficient from all over the world), or select a bike to be picked up in a bike shop among the hundreds that collaborate with EurekBike!

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