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This category includes many two and three-wheeled vehicles, and various equipment with pedals, which are difficult to be included, due to their specificity, in traditional types of bicycles.

Cargo bike

First of all, you will find cargo bikes or transport bicycles. These vehicles have in common the presence of a box or a container of different materials, suitable for carrying objects, but also animals and children! Cargo bicycles have a considerable variety of shapes and types: the most common is the tricycle with a large container at front or rear , but there are also two-wheeled ones with a central box or a large basket behind. As regards the propulsion, there are muscular, pedal-assisted and all-electric cargo bikes. The box can be made of wood, plywood, metal, plastic, aluminum or iron tubes, and have variable dimensions according to the load to be transported. Finally, nice special bikes for transporting dogs (or cats, although felines are less accustomed ..) in special kennel, and children, secured on specific seats inside the box.


Then we have the legendary tandem, the double bike that never sets: here too an incredible variety of vehicles, from muscular tandems to assisted ones, for leisure and sports, up to trekking tandems. You will find a multitude of manufacturers of beautiful tandems, robust and functional, with bright colors and full options to ride happily in company.

Stationary pedaling

There is a section for stationary cycling: these sub-categories include equipment for exercising or training indoors, or on the terrace. You will find a wide range of spinning bikes, of excellent quality, with adjustable saddle and handlebar positions and complete with large digital displays, in order to pedal and train as if you were in the gym. There are exercise bikes or cyclette to make exercise lighter, with reduced dimensions and lower price. Finally, there are rollers, solid and effective equipment, for those who want to use their bike directly at home.

Fat bike

A type of bike that has found favor with the public in recent years is the fat bike, the fat wheeled bicycle. MTB-derived bicycles with very large section wheels and tires, capable of tackling the most extreme terrains: snow, ice, sand, mud. Fat bikes have also become popular as a trendy item to use in the city, so there are muscular and assisted ones.

Strange bikes

Finally, the strange bikes, crazy bikes. Here you will discover the creativity of the manufacturers who have indulged themselves in special vehicles, where the positions, the type of pedaling, the frame, the colors and the strangest accessories know no boundaries to the imagination!

Find the ideal bike online

On EurekaBike you will find hundreds of offers of other bikes such as cargo, tandem, spin bike, exercise bike, fat bike of main brands (BBF Bikes, Atala, Specialized and many others). Ads of new and used bikes, with the relative technical data sheets and explanatory photos. Find the manufacturer's website online and order home delivery, or contact the EurekBike affiliate dealer and pick up at the store!

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