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An eBike is a bicycle that uses the thrust of an electric motor to provide - in whole or in part - the traction necessary for the vehicle to move forward.

Electric bicycles are divided into two macro-groups.

  • Electric bicycles with throttle: provide for the operation of the engine even in the absence of push on the pedals by the cyclist. In these bicycles, the engine is operated by a throttle very similar to those found on motorcycles. For this, electric bikes of this type can sometimes be exchanged for small mopeds.
  • Pedal-assisted bicycles: the motor is managed by a control unit that calculates the "level of assistance", ie the percentage of help that the electric motor must provide to the cyclist. In these bicycles the electric motor only intervenes if the cyclist applies force to the pedals. If the cyclist does not turn the pedals, then, the bicycle has no traction.

Although the first examples of electric bikes had an engine operation via a throttle, the regulation imposed increasingly stringent limits to differentiate them from mopeds and, today, the vast majority of electric bicycles existing on the market are of the pedal assist type. This is also why the technological evolution of recent years has led to the creation of increasingly sophisticated engines and related management software, starting a real technological race that is bringing pedal assisted bikes to offer increasingly similar driving experiences to those of traditional bicycles, but with the remarkable plus of the engine. A pedal assisted bicycle is equipped with an electric motor, a battery (often lithium battery) and sensors that detect the various operating parameters of the vehicle (wheel rotation speed, torque applied to the cranks, etc...) in order to calibrate the necessary support for the cyclist.
Thanks to the presence of the motor, the pedal assisted bicycle is opening new horizons to historical bicycle enthusiasts and young people, but also to those who did not think of the bicycle as a means of being able to move quickly and safely in the city or in any other environment.

The spread of pedal assisted electric bicycles, integrating increasingly disparate customer segments, has in recent years been giving a real boost to the electric mobility market which sees the use of these vehicles in the most varied fields: from e-city bikes to electric bikes for children to electric road bicycles, to competition MTB eBikes.

There are many eBikes available on the EurekaBike website. Among the many models cataloged and eBike ads you will find: Ducati eBikes, enduro eMTBs, as well as eBike Trek and eBike Specialized, such as the famous Turbo Levo in all its many variants.

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