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Thok Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Thok Brand page | EurekaBike Go to all the results from this Brand
Strada Tagliata, 18
Alba, CN
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Thok Facts

Thok E-Bikes is an Italian company that builds premium electric mountain bikes.

The company was founded by Stefano Migliorini, an old-school downhill racer who competed at World Championships wayback in 1993, alongside trials motorcycle legend, and World Champion, Toni Bou, who helped develop and advertise the MIG by riding his own signature version.

The company appeared out of the blue in 2017 and went straight into the eMTB market.



Thok bicycles highlights a RockShox suspension and a Shimano motor, battery, brakes and drivetrain.

The TPS rear suspension system is a standout component of Thok's electric bicycles. The metric shock and dedicated rocker has been specifically designed for e-mtbs. The progressive suspension makes even the most challenging obstacles, much easier and safer to deal with.

Thok bicycles allow easy uphill movement, as well as thrilling descents. Geometry and components of the MIG have been put together to enhance the qualities of a Trail/All Mountain bike, combined with the plus of the electric power assistance.

The bikes also offer complete battery protection which effectively shields the Shimano battery against shocks, and allows for recharging the battery. 



At Thok, building their unique bike is all about performance, with a typical Italian design where everything is driven by the efficiency of the final product.

The company seeks to create a new way of mountain-biking, one that is twice as fast, twice as fun while still getting workout. Their bikes are agile, maneuverable, and outstanding, thanks to their stiffness and perfect weight distribution.

These bikes let you really make the most of your time on the bike by allowing for uphill movement with ease, while still getting all the fun out of the descents.

Truly, going electric with Thok is the new way of mountain-biking. 

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